The Creation of 365 Golf

365 Golf was created in 2021 by Dallin Hester and Brandon Erickson. Dallin described the creation of the company:

The idea for 365 Golf began at an outdoor driving range in October of 2020. I began getting frustrated that I could barely see how far the balls were going due to the glare and the distance markers set at 50 yard intervals. To make matters worse, I knew that winter was coming and I would likely lose much of my progress during the next 5 months of cold and snowy weather. I decided there has to be a better way to practice year round and get accurate data on my swing. Sure enough, with a little research, I discovered the TrackMan launch monitor which is used by nearly all of the tour pros. After extensively testing out the TrackMan launch monitor, I was sold. I decided to create a space for others who, like me, want to improve their golf game all year long.

Then near the end of 2021, Dallin and Brandon felt that it was time to see if anyone else could take 365 golf to the next level. They discussed selling the business to 2 friends and avid golfers, Mark Hatch and Bruce Rowe. It seemed to make a lot of sense for both groups. The transaction was finalized on January 1, 2022.

Moving Forward

Mark and Bruce are going to try and find the ideal number of members over time so that everyone can access the facility and keep the facility busy. In addition, new ideas will include keeping a schedule of the PGA tour so you can try and play the courses the pros are playing, creating a men’s league, getting a golf pro and club fitter involved, and providing training about golf, the TrackMan resources and much more!

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