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We are excited to announce we are an approved PXG Fitting facility! PXG is very selective where they will do club fittings. They require that the facility is a TrackMan facility since they need that level of accuracy to fit the right clubs to each golfer.

Their clubs can’t be purchased in stores. They must be purchased with a certified fitter in a certified facility. PXG makes incredibly well built, best technology regardless of the cost golf clubs. The PXG Gen 5 Clubs have:

  • Cannon-Like Distance
  • Angelic Forgiveness
  • Laser-Like Accuracy
  • Incredible Sound and Feel

In addition, they will help you understand if your clubs are right for you. Are your clubs:

  • …the right length?
  • …the right lie?
    • (does the club sit flat on the ground, or does the heel or toe hit first)
  • …the right weight balanced?
    • (should more weight be placed high, low, or heel, toe?)
  • …the correct overall swing weight?
  • …the right stiffness / shaft flex?
  • …fit with the correct grip size for your hands?