Resetting the TrackMan

Sometime when you use the TrackMan, for some reason, the data points along the bottom of the screen stop showing data. When this happens, you should reset the TrackMan. Watch the video below to see how to do that.

TrackMan not connecting to WiFi

Sometimes at TribeHouse, the WiFi won’t connect to TrackMan. This troubleshooting video will assist you in getting connected and starting your practice session!

Not Showing Impact Location

One cool feature of the TrackMan is the ability to see where the ball actually impacts the club face. However, sometimes you won’t see where the ball hit the face. There are two common reasons for this.

  1. You didn’t have the ball directly in front of the TrackMan unit. Make sure you are directly in front of the unit and hit another shot.
  2. You forgot to turn on the overhead spotlight. This feature requires quite a bit of light. Make sure there is light coming from directly above the hitting mat.