Mark Hatch, co-owner of 365 golf

Letting Mark buy a golf business is a bit like letting an alcoholic buy a bar!  Mark loves, loves, loves golf.  His dad wanted him to learn the game of golf so Mark was given his first set of golf clubs at age two.  Nearly every weekend, Mark watches the professionals on the PGA tour in hopes of one day mastering the difficult game of golf.

For nearly four decades as Mark has written out his annual goals, they have always included “Be a Scratch Golfer”.  At one point he got his handicap down to a two but is now playing to an eight handicap.  He is hoping that the Trackman technology at 365 Golf will help him accomplish his life long goal.

Over the years, Mark has had the opportunity to play many spectacular golf courses including Sage Valley, The Madison Club, Spanish Bay, LaQuinta, PGA West, Bandon Dunes, The Robert Trent Jones Trail, Reflection Bay and many more.  Locally, Mark was a member of Alpine Country Club for quite a few years and has also had the opportunity to play Victory Ranch and Promontory many times.  His other favorite local courses include Valley View, Hobble Creek and Thanksgiving Point.

As a young boy, Mark wanted to be a professional baseball player.  He ultimately did get the opportunity to pitch for BYU.  During that time, he had a tryout with the San Diego Padres organization but never made it to the big leagues.  Today, instead of playing professional baseball, Mark owns Hatch Insurance Group which is an insurance brokerage firm.  They do business in all 50 states and multiple countries.  Working in the insurance business allows Mark to support his family and play a little bit of golf.

Mark and his wife, Teresa, have been married for 26 years.  They live in Draper and have six children and five grandchildren.  They are all the love of Mark’s life.