The 10 Most Important Factors in TrackMan Golf Data

  1. How to Maximize Distance – Ball Speed, Launch Angle and Spin Rate
  2. Smash Factor
  3. Spin Rate
  4. Launch Angle
  5. Launch Direction
  6. Club Path
  7. Spin Axis 1
  8. Spin Axis 2
  9. The 3 Straight Shots
  10. Landing Angle

Maximizing Distance (with a Driver)

  • We want the attack angle to be flat, ideally slightly positive.
  • We want the launch angle to be around 10 degrees
  • We want the spin rate in the low 2,000’s

Smash Factor

  • The definition? Smash Factor = Ball Speed / Club Speed
  • Example: 1.50 Smash Factor = 150 mph ball speed / 100 mph club speed
  • If your club is travelling straight at the ball, you hit the ball with a square clubface, and you hit the ball in the exact center of the clubface, you will have a strong Smash Factor
  • “Missing the sweet spot by a half inch will have a huge impact on your ball speed and distance”

Other Explanations are Coming Soon!