Many of our members take golf pretty seriously. Avid golfers usually show up to 365 Golf by themselves and want to get better. What’s interesting is that many avid golfers don’t really get much better over time. They play and play and play, but their handicap index really doesn’t drop much. One of the main reasons is most golfers don’t really know what to work on

We’ve had several conversations with our members like:

  • “It sounds like you don’t hit a lot of greens in regulation. Do you know if your 9 iron swing speed is pretty consistent?”
  • “Hmmm, that hasn’t even crossed my mind!”
  • “Let’s have you hit 10 shots with your 9 iron and see how consistent you are.”

Similar things to consider:

  • Is your attack angle consistent?
  • Is your club path consistent?
  • This conversation could happen with 20+ key TrackMan metrics

Suggested TrackMan Uses for the Avid Golfer

Go to 365 Golf. Make sure you are logged in to your TrackMan account. We need your practice sessions recorded! We want you to see how you are improving!

Session 1 – TrackMan Combine

Go to the Test Center. Select the Combine. This session will take about 1 hour. 

You will be asked to hit 60 shots of 10 different distances. At the end of the 60 shots, you will have an estimated handicap, and you’ll get a report of your strengths and weaknesses. In future sessions, work on your weaknesses. Read more about how to do that below.

Session 2 – TrackMan Tracy

Go to Shot Analysis. Select a driving range view. Select the club you want to work on. This session can be as short as 15 minutes, or as long as you want. 

Make sure to activate Tracy. It’s near the top of the screen on the right side. Tracy is TrackMan’s Artificial Intelligence golf coach. Tracy will tell you to hit a number of shots. The more consistent you are, the less shots are needed for Tracy to identify your primary problem with that club. After 10 to 15 shots, you’ll see some scores come up on the screen. Click on “Start Focused Practice”.

You then can practice as many shots as you would like. Tracy will let you know when a shot met her parameters to improve, and when your shot didn’t meet the goal. 

Future Sessions – Some Other Options

  • Work through the process with Tracy with other clubs
  • Play a course. Get better. Play the course again. See any improvement?
  • Go to the Test Center. Do a Driver test. Do a Par 5 test. Do a Wedge test. Each of those tests take less than 10 minutes. Try and get your scores to improve over time. 
  • Bring a friend and compete on the course, in the Test Center, etc.  

If you want additional suggestions, please let us know and we’ll meet with you at 365 Golf and give you some customized suggestions! 

Also consider attending one of our many indoor golf clinics and events.

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