As a business golfer, we know you love building business relationships on the course. However, it’s hard to do that year round. With a membership to 365 Golf, you can keep building business relationships year round. It’s a perfect, quiet, private environment to get to know each other with guaranteed perfect weather.

A number of our members have a membership through their business. They give access to key employees. Those employees either are Avid Golfers and are trying to get better, or they are using their membership to build business relationships.

Other members use their membership as a sales or client retention tool. During the sales process, it’s common to invite prospects to lunch or to different activities. Get a 365 Golf Membership and host events for potential clients! Also, consider the benefits of having your clients attend a fun event on a regular basis. You get to know them better. They make business connections with other people. Everyone wins at 365 Golf!

Let’s show you the best TrackMan modes to build those relationships.

Fun Games Available from TrackMan

  • Bullseye: Play 4 different scenarios. Get more points for hitting the bullseye!
  • Capture the Flag: Play 4 different scenarios. A multiplayer game of strategy AND skill.
  • Hit It! This is a multiplayer long drive competition inspired by the World Long Drive Championship.
  • Closest to the Pin: Hold this contest on any par 3 from any course in TrackMan Course Library.
  • Magic Pond: Dive into the magical universe of dragons and ghosts. Younger golfers will love it!

Suggestions for Ideal Sessions

Using 1 Bay

  • Play some of the games listed above
  • Go to the Test Center. Have each player take a turn with the Wedge test (it takes about 5 minutes). See who gets the best score! Try it again and keep trying to get the best score.
  • Go to the Test Center. Have each player take a turn with the Driver test (it takes about 5 minutes). See who gets the best score!
  • Go to the Test Center. Have each player take a turn with the Par 5 test (it takes about 10 minutes). See who gets the best score!
  • Go play a course. There are over 180 courses to choose from! Do a search by course name, by state, etc. 4 people typically can finish 9 holes in about an hour.

Using 2 Bays

  • Game Option: Divide into 2 groups. On each TrackMan machine, go to the Games section. Click Bullseye. Choose the course and difficulty settings. Make sure the settings are the same on each machine! Have each team play Bullseye. Have each team add up their total combined score. Which team came out on top?
    • Repeat the same process with Magic Pond. It looks like it is for kids, but it’s a really fun game for anyone!
  • Tournament Option: Divide into 2 groups. On each machine, play Capture the Flag or Hit It! Determine the winner from each bay. Then, hold a championship round with the 2 winners. See who is the best across both teams!
  • Play a Course Option: Divide into 2 groups. Have both groups play a course. Look for the overall best team score, or even track the scores and play a 2 (or 3 or 4) man Best Ball.

Let your creativity go wild. There are so many cool ways for a group to have fun together at 365 Golf! If you want additional suggestions, please let us know and we’ll meet with you at 365 Golf and give you some customized suggestions!

Also consider attending one of our many indoor golf clinics and events.

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